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        The company is located in Zhoushi Town, Kunshan of Jiangsu Province, at the south of Yangtze River, covering an area of 35,000m2 and construction area of 25,000m2. The company with fixed assets of 50 million yuan specializes in production of series of radiators, The registered capital of 22 million, various types of heating roll, cooling roller, steel-rolling roller ,stainless-steel sheet-metal trough body and pieces of gold processing. The products are mainly used in air heating, cooling, dehumidification, drying and so on and widely used in light industry, papermaking, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil,steel, ceramics, electricity, food processing, wood drying, other drying systems and automobile coating equipment service, of which some have been exported to overseas. Welcome new and old customers call Advisory negotiate business. 

        The enterprise adopts and introduces advanced equipment, industrial technology and strict and normative quality management system standards to promote the stability of product quantity and protect the interests of customers. With perfect after-sales service and good faith in serving customers, Hongsheng Radiator Company has established a good corporate image and gained praise and trust from the vast number of users. 

        With the whole world in view and the future in mind, Hongsheng is faced with both opportunities and challenges. The company will take ongoing challenges in technology and product development, making progress with great efforts and forging ahead to provide users with better products in higher quality and better after-sales service under the principle of fair competition.


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